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Our ‘Person Centered Approach’ demands the recognition of the dignity and value of persons with IDs

The Sani Foundation is a Zambian non-profit organisation with a vision to facilitate the full inclusion of persons with intellectual disabilities in both rural and urban areas of Zambia into all aspects of society. As a first step towards achieving inclusive employment for young people with varying cognitive levels, the Sani Foundation is currently implementing the Sunshine Zambia Project which provides holistic and relevant education and training to prepare adolescents and young adults for employment and independence within their community. The Sani Foundation, building on its existing Sunshine Zambia project (SZP), will provide supported employment services to person with intellectual disabilities. IMG_7555

Supported employment (SE) is a model used to assist people with disabilities to find, secure and maintain jobs in the open labour market. It is based on international protocols and local legislation that give everyone the right to work and embraces a ‘person-centered’ approach, beginning with the person’s needs, aspirations, talents and skills.


As the organisation’s overall mission is to empower adolescents and young persons with intellectual disabilities, the promotion of supported employment is at the core of its mandate. Through employment and independence of persons with IDs, stigma and existing marginalisation can begin to be overcome and full inclusion of persons with ID become actualised.


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